Cheering on Paralympic torch-bearer Anne Wafula Strike!

Anne Wafula Strike

Anne ready to bear the torch!

Yesterday, RESULTS UK staff and campaigners lined the streets around Regents Park in London to cheer on our friend Anne Wafula Strike as she carried the London 2012 Paralympic Torch on its final day before the opening of the games. As our campaigners will know, Anne has done lots of work with RESULTS UK as part of our lobbying for greater international action to ensure education for disabled children.

Anne took part in the relay on behalf of another charity she works with, AbleChild Africa, and she was joined by several other friends of the charity, including Shikuku Obosi, who spoke at the RESULTS National Conference in 2011, and Fred Ouko, Director of ANDY (Action Network for the Disabled, a Kenyan organisation that our new Campaigns Manager Dan worked with in his previous job).

Anne bears the torch

Anne bears the torch

The day started well, with Anne featuring in London’s Metro newspaper, as well as speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live and on ITV1’s Daybreak. Great coverage for a truly inspiring athlete and advocate!

Thankfully the rain held off as we proudly watched Anne and her fellow torch-bearers walk the torch past London Zoo and through Regents Park, and we got chance to say hello at the end and thank her for all her work with RESULTS UK.

Anne with RESULTS UK

Anne with our team!

We’re hoping to build on the Paralympic spirit with our exciting ‘Champions for Change‘ action this month as well, so don’t forget to take a look at that too!

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