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Today we bring you a guest post written by Feodora Rodiucova, president of Speranta Terrei, an organisation in Moldova that brings tuberculosis drugs and community support to the doorsteps of TB patients, finding them on the street or in dilapidated apartments and persuading them to complete treatment. Speranta Terrei’s work is incredibly important as the patients they reach will be less likely to infect others and develop drug resistance, benefiting their and society’s health.

Balti in northern Moldova is my home city. The old adage, “home is where the heart is,” rings true for me. My heart is here and I cannot abandon Balti.

Seven years ago, I started a community organization with my students and neighbours to make our fellow citizens aware of TB and to help patients complete TB treatment. Besides my heart, there are a few other things ensconced in Balti. TB, HIV, narcotics, poverty, and homelessness have been with us for a while, especially since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Our community organization, Speranta Terrei, gives treatment support to TB patients during the continuation phase. This lasts from 6 to 24 months, depending on drug-susceptible or drug-resistant strains. Multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) is widespread in Moldova, estimated at 43% of all cases. We must do all we can to stop transmission and the development of drug resistance.

Speranta Terrei’s treatment supporters, called moderators, bring TB drugs from the dispensary to patients’ homes. They answer patients’ questions and counsel them to continue treatment until they are cured. If patients express the need, moderators make an appointment with our psychologist, Lica. She stays occupied with the many patients who would like to speak to her at the dispensary. The head of the dispensary, Aglaia, says our patients rarely abandon treatment because of our stalwart involvement. We help the dispensary reach destitute and former prisoner patients on a daily basis. We report back to the dispensary and take patients for lab tests. Our moderators’ functions keep growing.

We have a project on Global Giving UK to raise funds for treatment support. Please consider contributing to our efforts to reduce the TB treatment abandon (default) rate by clicking here.

When you donate to our project, please tick the Gift Aid box. The UK government contributes 25% to donations marked as Gift Aid. There is no extra expense or paperwork for the donor. If a donor marks Gift Aid, he or she has to indicate on the tax return that a donation was made to Global Giving UK. For details on Gift Aid, please see HM Revenue & Custom’s website.

Thank you for helping Moldovan TB patients.

Feodora Rodiucova


Speranta Terrei

Balti, Republic of Moldova

You can email Feodora by clicking here.

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