How do you save 6 million lives?

Following a successful replenishment of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance last month, the ACTION Global Health Partnership today re-launched their donor funding tracker, which details new pledges and the ambition of key donors to Gavi.

The tracker outlines the funding of eight of Gavi’s largest country donors, making up over half of Gavi’s total funding for 2016-2020. Almost all of these donors dramatically increased their funding to Gavi from the last period 2011-2015, showing the collective commitment and ambition of donors to ending preventable child deaths around the world. The UK continue to lead the way, with an ambitious pledge of £1 billion (USD $1,573) for the next period, in addition to significant existing commitments.

The ambition and long-term commitment of these donors will make it possible for Gavi to fulfil its mission of immunising 300 million children, and in doing so save 6 million lives over the next 5 years. However the hard work starts now. These pledges need to be delivered in order to save lives by ensuring that every child in the world can access vaccines. By tracking pledges over the next five years, we will hold governments to account and ensure these promises are met.

Check how much your country pledged here. 

Take Action to Ensure Global Action on Malnutrition

RESULTS UK is part of Generation Nutrition – a global campaign which calls on governments and the international community to take urgent action to prioritise the fight against acute malnutrition in children under five. Today, they’ve launched a new action asking the UK Government to stand up for an ambitious global target to safeguard millions of children from life-threatening malnutrition.Take action

This year we have a once in a life time opportunity to make sure millions of children worldwide get a better start in life. Continue reading

How to meet a candidate webinar recording now available

With just 75 days until the General Election, now is the time to start securing meetings with your candidates. For some a step-by-step guide on how to do this, check out the second webinar of our General Election campaign.

To listen to the webinar, simply open the following link:

Want to find out more about our General Election campaign and how you can get involved? Drop Tom at the campaign team an e-mail at or give the office a call on 0207 793 3970. We would love to hear from you.

Phumeza has defeated drug resistant TB and now she will defeat the silence!

Phumeza and Aaron in Cape Town in Jan 2014

RESULTS Executive Director,  Aaron Oxley, shares the exciting news that thanks to generous global support, TB advocate Phumeza Tisile is scheduled for surgery to regain the hearing that she lost from taking toxic TB drugs. While these drugs did not cure her TB, thankfully other new drugs did. Phumeza has survived both the disease and the treatment to become one of the world’s most powerful voices in the fight against TB. 

In December I wrote a blog post about an inspirational woman called Phumeza Tisile. Phumeza, a long-standing friend of RESULTS, defeated XDR-TB (extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis), but the treatment, as it does for so many others, made her deaf.

This year she will be able to hear again, thanks to bilateral cochlear implants. This life-changing surgery is only possible thanks to incredible, generous donors from around the world, who gave USD $20,000 in just one month. To all of you reading who have helped this inspirational woman, thank you.

On her MSF TB blog, Phumeza talks about what defeating the silence and being able to hear again will mean to her. She says,

Phumeza calling to 'fix the patent laws' to enable more people to access life-saving Tb treatment around the world.

Hearing again would mean that life is back on ‘’play’’ again. I will resume everything that has been on hold for so long. The best thing would be to go back to University. I was studying Commerce (Human Resource Management) before, but I’m thinking hard about what I want to do with my future. I learned from this experience that you might plan for a certain future but the universe might have a different plan for you.

I will continue advocating for change in DR-TB, because not many patients want to talk about TB after they have been cured. They would rather forget, but that does not help at all. How will the world know that this disease is still a problem if no one is willing to speak about it? Deafness is not the only side effect of the drugs. When I was in Paris at the Union Conference I learned that other patients went blind from their treatment. Others suffered from permanent nerve damage. I didn’t just go deaf: I was vomiting every single day, I got skin rashes and my skin got darker and darker. I will keep on letting people, the government and world health leaders know that the current treatment is a nightmare until things change.”

Whilst we cannot hope to help every single person who has been negatively affected by TB medication, we can – and will – join Phumeza in advocating for a greater global commitment to ending the devastating TB epidemic once and for all. We can stand up and demand adequate funding for research and development of new treatments, and for TB programmes, so that no one else has to tell a story like Phumeza’s. We can call for governments to ensure that the three million people who are missed by TB diagnosis and treatment are found and cured.

We will do all that we can. We hope you will join us.

You can read more about Phumeza’s amazing journey on her Medicins Sans Frontiers (MSF) blog




Take Action Today: Help Fight Tuberculosis in Europe and Central Asia!

Tuberculosis (TB) is curable, but 37,000 people die every year from this airborne disease in Europe and Central Asia – that’s almost five deaths every hour. Despite these shocking statistics and the heart-wrenching stories, international financial support for TB programmes in the European region is declining. This will have a devastating impact across Europe.

Together, we have the opportunity to make a difference.

This week, the TB Europe Coalition, with the support of Stop TB Partnership, has launched the Fight TB 2015 campaign to ensure that European leaders step up their response to TB to save millions of lives.

We encourage you to get involved with this great campaign. You can find out about the campaign and the various actions below.



Five Things We Learned from Our New General Election Podcast

What’s it really like to be a candidate running to become an MP in this year’s General Election? And what do candidates really need from grassroots campaigners to be able to support an issue, like ending global poverty?

Throughout February, we asked four candidates from different parties these questions (and others!) to learn a bit more about the election campaign from their perspective. We then turned this into a Podcast, check it out now!


Here are five things we learned in the process:

  • When candidates say they are busy, they mean busy. To call candidates’ days a marathon would be an understatement. They don’t just campaign, most also do other work and have families at the same time.
  • Candidates need to know WHY you care about an issue. It’s really important that a candidate knows why you support a certain campaign, in order for them to be able to take action.
  • Emails. Lots of emails. Candidates spend hours answering emails, but they still say it’s the best way to get in touch with them!
  • Door knocking is really important. In fact, candidates prioritize meeting voters on the doorstep over things like hustings. So when a candidate comes to your door, invite them in, make them a cuppa, and know what you want to say! It’s a perfect chance to use your EPIC skills, too.
  • …And candidates plan their door knocking around soaps. Apparently the public doesn’t like to be interrupted during EastEnders, so door knocking stops about the time that the soaps start. Who knew?

Feeling ready to take action? Then join our General Election campaign by emailing Anja on and becoming part of our grassroots network! You have the power to inspire the decisions that will end extreme poverty. And now you have the tools to make that happen.

RESULTS welcomes Mira to the TB team

photo.mcMy name is Mira Cerulova and I am delighted to be joining the RESULTS UK team as the Administrator for the TB Europe Coalition (TBEC). My role is to support the TBEC team in implementing its strategy to support and strengthen the work of TB advocates in the WHO European Region.

I am originally from Slovakia, where I finished my studies in nursing and social work. I hold Master’s degree in Social Work from the Comenius University, Bratislava. I moved to the UK in 2004 and worked both in the social sector and in international development.

Then, in 2009, I changed London for Africa (Kenya, South Sudan) and Asia (Vietnam), where for four years as a project coordinator and a project officer for Magna Children at Risk, an international humanitarian NGO. Here, I was responsible for the smooth implementation and coordination of comprehensive HIV/AIDS (PMTCT), Nutrition (IMAM and CMAM) and Primary health care programmes.

In 2013 I returned to London and joined UK charity Centrepoint as a Supporting Housing Officer. During this time I have been also working as a volunteer for MSF UK.

I highly value international development and seek to maintain my commitment to advocacy and development work by joining RESULTS UK and TBEC.

I can be contacted at RESULTS at

RESULTS welcomes Zulfiya to the TB Team

30091_395982473804_3977104_nHello everybody.

My name is Zulfiya and I am delighted to join RESULTS UK, as the Coordinator for the TB European Coalition (TBEC).

I am originally from Tajikistan, but have been living in the UK since August of 2012. I will be working on the day-to day coordination of the coalition and will contribute to its TB research and advocacy activities.

I recently obtained a Masters degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science, for which I conducted research on “The Role and Challenges of INGOs in tackling TB in Tajikistan”. Through my research as well as through life experience, I have learnt the importance of advocacy to fight TB.

Prior to my studies, I worked with different international development organisations including OSCE, UNDP and Merlin UK in Tajikistan. At OSCE I assisted in the planning, implementation and evaluation of mine action, disarmament and security building projects as well as in the monitoring and advocating for transparent and fair elections. While working with Merlin UK and United Nations, I supported the assistance of aid to communities affected by natural disasters.

I am very excited to be working here at RESULTS UK and am looking forward to engaging in the work around TB in the WHO European Region and working with the rest of the team.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at

February Conference Call Recording Now Available!

If you missed our Conference Call this past Tuesday, 3 February, never fear! Here’s your chance to catch up.


The call features some great input from Ken Patterson, Director of Global Grassroots Advocacy at RESULTS in the US, who shares a number of really useful tips for meeting with candidates. We also have updates from a few of our Grassroots groups, as well as an explanation of our General Election Manifesto from Dan Jones, Campaigns Manager at RESULTS UK.

We’ll also be running a Webinar on Tuesday, 17 February from 7 to 8 pm where we’ll be answering the Five W’s of Meeting a Candidate and ensuring that you are well-equipped for your meeting.

Our next Conference Call is on 3 March, 2015 from 8 to 9 pm, and will feature a candidate live on the call answering your questions about the election! To join, simply call 0844 762 0762, 0203 398 1398 or 0800 22 90 900 and when prompted enter 18723#. We have groups across the UK (including new ones in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Hastings) and would love for you to join! Phone the office at 020 779 33970 or email Anja on for details.

Finally, to learn more about our work around the General Election and for additional resources, please visit our campaign page here!

We Have a Vision and We’re Ready to Spread the Word

Here at RESULTS UK we are dedicated to seeing a world free from hunger and extreme poverty in our lifetime. We have a vision of a world where no child dies before their fifth birthday, where every boy and girl can go to school, and where there is no ‘them’, just all of us. Together.

And now we’re determined to share that message with the world through our new video.

2015 is the year to make change happen; it’s the year the Millennium Development Goals expire, the year the world commits to new action on Climate Change and the year that world leaders determine the future we would like to see in 15 years’ time. That’s why our animation couldn’t come at a better time: it illustrates exactly how far we’ve come and what we as global citizens can do to make the world an even better place. That’s where you come in!

Watch our animation, learn about our work, and get inspired! Then share with friends and family and become part of the global movement that will see our generation be the last to tackle extreme poverty.

Working together, we can realise our vision.

Join us,